About the conference

The Asian society of ichthyologists was established in 2014 in Penang, Malaysia. Its objectives are promoting the development and advancement of all branches of ichthyology for Asian ichthyologists.


The conference applied is the annual meeting of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists, The before sessions were held in Chiang Mai  of Thailand(2012), Bandar Seri Begawan of Brunei (2013), Penang of Malaysia(2014),Guilin of China(2015),Taibei of China(2016),Ho Chi Ming City of Vietnam (2017) .


The conference provide an important opportunity for the ichthyologists from Asian and Pacific countries to present their latest studies on the freshwater and marine fishes. The standing and influence of the Chinese fish research will be promoted by hosting this conference in 2018 I am extending a warm welcome to Asian Fish Annual Meeting 2018, to be held 30,Qct-5,Nov 2018 in Nanning, China.


I am looking forward to welcoming the congress participants from all parts of the world in Nanning in Oct 2018.

Your Sincerely Prof zhiqiang wu
Former Vice-principal  of Guangxi university, China 

Executive director of China Zoological Society 

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